Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have a newsletter that goes out weekly or alternatively can be emailed to you which has all the upcoming events on it.
  • Classroom newsletters
  • Website ~ look under the Events Calendar

If your child is sick or going to be away please fill out the absence form on our website under "Contact Us", or alternatively phone the office before 9.00am.

If you are planning a holiday during school time, a letter to the prinicipal is required prior to your departure advising of the dates.

Please can you ensure your child/ren arrive at school on time.  Late arrivals are a big disruption to the class, but if your child is late for some reason they must collect a late pass from the office.

Unexplained absence will be marked as Truant and continual cases of absences will be followed up by the Truancy officer.

It is the parent / caregivers responsibility to advise us of an absent student as this in the interest of your child's safety.

School starts at 9.00am and the bag bell goes at 8.45 so students can get organised for the day.

Interval is 10.30 ~ 11.00am

Lunch is 12.40 ~ 1.30pm

School finishes at 3.00pm


If your child arrives late they will need to collect a late pass from the office and be signed in by the parent / caregiver.

If you need to take your child/ren out of school they must be signed out at the book in the office.

School donations are a voluntary payment ~ you can claim the donation back on your tax return.  School donations contribute significantly towards the 'extra' curricular / resources for your child's learning and our school community.  Government funding covers only your child's basic education.  School donations are as follows:

1 child = $100 ($85 discounted)

2 children = $200 ($170 discounted)

3 or more children $280 ($240 discounted) 


The school donation is discounted 15% if paid before the end of Term 1.

School Fees / Donations can be paid at the school office or online.  Please phone the office for account details.

Once your child's compulsory fees have been paid your child's teacher will distribute these books etc.  Invoices for all unpaid compulsory fees will be sent home the week of 6th February so watch out for these.

If your child goes to Waiau Pa Kindy the enrolment and starting dates are organised between the Kindy and the new entrant teacher.  Children get 1 school visit before starting school and their enrolment form and information pack will be given to them on that date.


If your child does not attend Waiau Pa Kindy please call into the office to pick up an information pack and make an appointment to see the Principal to have a look around the school.

Please call the school office and make an appointment