School Houses & Leaders


Every student who enrols at Waiau Pa School is put into a house colour.  The houses are used for sports events, behaviour and school work and the points are allocated to the student's house.  When sporting / swimming events are held the students are asked to dress up in their house colour.    Points are accumulated throughout the year for each house and the winning house receives a cup at the end of year prizegiving.  The houses are named after local families in the District.  The Leaders are chosen by the students & teachers the year prior and are announced at the end of year prizegiving.


HOUSE LEADERS FOR 2017 ARE:  Click on colour text for photos

MILLEN ~ BLUE HOUSE:              Millen ~ Maddi Wheeler & Laine Brown

MATHESON ~ GREEN HOUSE:    Matheson ~ Jessie Wessels & Ethan Lowe

COLE ~ YELLOW HOUSE:            Cole ~ Pippa Matheson & Cullen Fitzpatrick

CLARK ~ RED HOUSE:           Clark ~ Samantha Whittington-Slater & Wade Houston  

                                       Service & Learning Leaders ~ Boston Veza & Joshua Cole